How we can help

There are a number of ways we can support your project.

Our Approach

Our approach is to stay user experiences focused, while ensuring that we keep an eye on the vision that you have for your product.

Engage Research | Insight | Strategy

The first step to our process is to understand our client and the problem we need to solve. We undergo an in-depth research process to evaluate the competitive market and define areas of opportunity for innovation. We believe in partaking in the activity we are designing so as to increase our understanding and gain unique insights of the problem.

Enhance CAD Modeling | Rendering | Prototyping

Upon determining a final direction, we refine the details to bring the concept to reality. This ranges from adding functionalities to refining the operation of the product.

Envision Exploration | Ideation | Collaboration

At this stage, we allow our creativity to test the boundaries of what’s possible, exploring as many ideas and directions as possible. Next, we communicate with our client to ensure alignment with their vision, while providing guidance using our experience. This allows us to focus on the best ideas and further develop them while keeping manufacturability and cost in consideration.

Execute Manufacturing | Sourcing | Packaging

Final steps are taken on the design to ensure suitability for manufacturing. Final specifications and tech packs are released to the factory so they can create the dream that has turned into reality. We help ensure that you can get your product into the hands of customers and connect you with trusted vendors and manufacturers.

Evaluate Testing | Experimenting | Rapid Prototyping

Our goal is to get our ideas off the paper and into our hands as quickly as possible. We use sketch models and rapid prototypes to evaluate and test the feasibility and function of the concepts in order to determine the best solution.

Let Us Guide You on Your Next Adventure

Phase 1 Onboarding

It's like sitting around a campfire listening to stories. This is the phase where we learn from you.

Phase 2 Ideation

This is just like fishing. You're out there thinking about what you learned, then BAM! You get hit by the big one.

Phase 3 Design Refinement

Just like hiking, we take care with our footing and really think about the details. How is your project going to be executed?

Phase 4 Design for Manufacturing

This is where the real technical expertise comes into play. From preparing your project for production to running engineering simulations, we work out the details.

Phase 5 Manufacturing

Now that all the hard work is done, it's time for some downhill mountain biking. Just like downhill, it's important to watch out for minor bumps or you'll get big bruises.


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